A350 XWB “MSN1” flight-deck comes to life

Plane Spotters India | Special : A350 XWB “MSN1” flight-deck comes to life...

Airbus has successfully powered-up the flight-deck of A350 XWB “MSN1” for the first time, following the initial application of electrical power to the aircraft’s
 front fuselage.
This significant milestone was passed only two weeks after this section was delivered to the Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Toulouse. Moreover, it gives a promising indication of the A350 XWB’s progress in pre-FAL and the readiness of the aircraft’s systems.

Flight-deck power-on is an important step on the route to complete aircraft power-on and first flight, because it enables most systems functional checking to be undertaken. Having achieved this nearly a year before first flight will allow early identification and resolution of potential issues and thus help to protect the aircraft’s development schedule.

This will be followed by the power-on of the entire fuselage later this year.

Image Source : Airbus.com

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