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Airports also use standardized lighting and ground markings to provide direction and identification to all air and ground crews. To assist pilots in differentiating at night between airport runways and freeways, airports have rotating beacon lights. These beacons usually flash green and white lights to indicate a civilian airport. These beacons are visible from the air long before the entire airport is recognizable. To help pilots at night quickly identify the beginning of a runway, green threshold lights line the runway's edge. Red lights mark the ends of runways and indicate obstructions. Blue lights run alongside taxiways while runways have white or yellow lights marking their edges. All these markings and lights serve to set a safety standard for all pilots to follow.

This chart Shows some airport signs  : 

Taxiways : 

Taxiways are given letter names like taxiway "Alpha", "Foxtrot", "Hotel" according to the International Phonetic Alphabet. They are indicated on signs by just their letter: "A", "F", "H". If the letter is followed by an arrow, the arrow indicates the direction the aircraft must turn in order to maneuver the aircraft onto that taxiway. Sometimes taxiways are designated by a letter followed by a number (letter-number combination). This is to distinguish it from runways which are designated by just a number or a number-letter combination.

Direction sign for Runway Exit

Destination sign for common Taxiing Route to 2 Runways :

Destination sign for different taxiing routes to 2 Runways :

Info. By NASA

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