Boeing 787 Grounded : More Than 1,000 Flights Impacted

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More Than 1,000 Flights Impacted As Pressure On Boeing, FAA Mounts / by Paul Brady

More than 1,000 flights around the world have been impacted by the continued grounding of all Boeing 787s, according to new data from

The data provided to HuffPost Travel shows that All Nippon Airways, which operates 17 of the 787s, is the airline most affected by the grounding of the Dreamliners. The global fleet of the cutting-edge airliner -- grounded in the U.S. by F.A.A. officials on January 16 -- has been plagued by electrical and mechanical issues, most notably in Japan, where a battery fire aboard an ANA jet caused an emergency landing earlier this month.

More than 500 of ANA's flights have been impacted between January 17 and January 24. Officials at FlightStats say some flights have been cancelled or made using alternate aircraft as the airline has struggled to get passengers to their destinations.

Japan Airlines, which has a slightly smaller Dreamliner fleet, has had nearly 100 flights impacted. United, the only U.S. airline that flies the 787, has a fleet of six. More than 70 United flights have been impacted.

The FAA and other international bodies that have grounded the planes have provided no specific timetable for the 787's return, but pressure for quick answers is mounting in Washington.

At a luncheon Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and FAA Administrator Michael Huerta defended their handling of the growing crisis of confidence around the plane, with LaHood telling the Associated Press, "On the day we announced the planes were safe they were." He was referring to comments made on January 11 in which he said he'd happily fly aboard the 787.

"We don't know yet what caused these incidents yet," Huerta told the AP. "When we know the cause we will take appropriate action," he added.

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