'HIGH' Spirited Holi Celebration

It was a 'high' spirited holi celebration indeed - Mid-air Holi celebrations aboard eight flights of SpiceJet !!! 

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On Monday(March 17), the cabin crew of SpiceJet performed a small dance sequence on a song as part of Holi celebrations, with some passengers also joining in.

Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya
Dugna nasha, kyun ho raha hai
Aankhon se meetha tune khilaya

Here are some videos from Youtube :

Official sources said the act constituted violation of all safety norms and two pilots were suspended.
SpiceJet on March 17 ran eight special flights with extra cabin crew onboard to do a 2.5-minute jig on the occasion of Holi.
The airline said it was looking into the issue in cooperation with the DGCA. It defended itself saying that the cockpit was manned all the time.
“The cockpit was manned at all time as per DGCA regulations that govern the situation when one pilot is outside for example to use the lavatory,” said an airline spokesperson.

“The dance was professionally choreographed and was Holi delight for passengers much like it is done by several airlines around the world to celebrate a special occasion. The entire dance sequence lasted 2.5 minutes,” the spokesperson said.

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