Missing MH370 latest:

Diego Garcia and MH370 conspiracy of a 'lost' island in middle of it all.

With the batteries on the black boxes of missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 set to run down, news that a signal detected by a Chinese ship searching the Indian Ocean for flight is "consistent" with the type emitted from the aircraft black box, is being met with hope, bitter relief and skepticism.

Hope for the many nations, not least Malaysia, seeking an answer as to what happened to the ill-fated airline.

Bitter relief for the families of the passengers on board as they can finally know and accept the fate of what has happened to their loved ones.

And skepticism, by the conspiracy theorists – who find it all to convenient that a ‘ping’ is located one day before the black-box ‘deadline’.

It involved a small atoll in the Indian Ocean that is a military island, controlled and operated by the US and the UK.

According to the report, the conspiracy theory now gaining traction on the internet comes from freelance journalist Jim Stone and concerns the atoll of Diego Garcia.

According to Stone’s theory, an American passenger on board MH370, named as Philip Wood, sent out an image and voice activated text, along with GPS coordinates that trace to a location a few kilometres away from Diego Garcia.

 About Diego Gracia :

It is highly likely that MH370 took their after disabling all of aircraft's communication systems,according to Inmarsat
 the plane was still flying more than 6 hours after it lost from radar.
The atoll is approximately 1,970 nautical miles (3,650 km) east of the coast of Africa (at Tanzania), 967 nautical miles (1,790 km) south-southwest of the southern tip of India (at Kanyakumari) and 2,550 nautical miles (4,720 km) west-northwest of the west coast of Australia.
Diago Gracia features 1 Runway 13/31 of 3659 mt,equipped with ILS approach facility on Runway 31

Approach Plate of Diego Gracia
In the case of MH370:
Aircraft : Boeing 777-2H6 ER
Registration : 9M-MRO
Maximum Range : 9,700 km
  •  The aircraft departed Kuala Lumpur at 1641 UTC
  •  The final automatically transmitted position from the aircraft occurred at 17:07 UTC
  •  No radio communications were received from the crew after 17:19 UTC
  • ✈ The final ATC (secondary) radar fix occurred at 17:22 UTC
  •  At 17:25 UTC the aircraft deviated from the planned flight route
  •  The final primary radar fix occurred at 18:22 UTC
  • ✈ The satellite communications log indicated the aircraft continued to fly for another 6 hours
  •  No confirmed eye-witness reports were received
  •  The search in the Australian search and rescue zone commenced on 18 March (10 days after the aircraft went missing)

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