In order for you to be eligible for the next round of selection process for the post of B 737NG Type Rating Trainee First Officer with SpiceJet, you are requested to make a payment of Rs. 30,000 (Rupees thirty thousand only) towards the examination fee. The fee needs to be transferred online to SpiceJet Limited's bank account on or before 25th June, 2014 as per the below details:

Beneficiary Name : SPICEJET LIMITED 
Account Number : 000705011602 
Bank Name : ICICI BANK
Branch Address : Delhi, Branch 9A, Phelps, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001
NEFT / IFSC : ICIC0000007

At the time of registering, please keep the below ready:

1) Online 'UNIQUE TRANSACTION REFERENCE NUMBER' (UTR No) of the bank transfer
2) Scanned copies of all your licences
3) A copy of your resume in word format

Please note that after the transfer of the examination fee, you can register online at http://spicejet.com/careers/pilotrecruitment.aspx

Selection Process details for '737 TYPE RATED' candidates for the position of TFO (Code: 737-TR-TFO) 

Please note:

1. The selection process involves FOUR 'PHASES' or TESTS.
2. A 'Pass' in each Phase progresses the candidate to the next Phase.
3. Result for each Phase is given immediately after each Exam.
4. The first two Phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2) are usually completed on the first day.
5. The next two Phases (Phase 3 and Phase 4) are completed after a few days.
6. All the Tests are COMPUTER BASED (no paper exam).
7. Candidates are NOT ALLOWED to carry Calculators or Cell phones during Phases I, III and IV (arrangements are made to deposit them with Safety Staff before Exam).
8. Scientific Calculators are allowed for Phase II (CPL Theory and 737 Tech).
9. Candidates will be provided with Pencils and Paper (to do rough work calculations) at their desks. These need to be left at the desk after the Exam.
10. The details of each Phase are below.


Number of candidates: All 737 Type Rated candidates.

Description of Test: 'Advanced COMPASS Test'
• (COMPASS = COMputerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System)
• Test has four 'modules' i.e. Memory, Math, Orientation and Task Manager.
• All candidates will need to take this test.
• Duration: 80 minutes.
• Multiple choice questions.
• Result announced immediately after the test.
• First 200 candidates (in merit) move to Phase 2.

Skills Tested:
1. Short term memory (Memory)
2. Mental arithmetic (Mathematics)
3. Spatial Orientation (Orientation)
4. Multi-Tasking (Task Manager)

Advantages of COMPASS pilot screening:
• Standardized tests - All candidates take the same test.
• Complete aptitude test - All relevant skills tested.
• Objective tests - No human interpretation; eliminates discussion

✈  PHASE 2

Number of candidates: 200

Description of Test: CPL Theory and 737 Technical
• All candidates who pass Phase I will need to take this test.
• Duration: 90 minutes.
• Multiple choice questions.
• Usually on the same day as Phase I.
• Result announced immediately after the test.
• First 80 candidates (merit) move to Phase 3.

Skills Tested:
• Knowledge of Air Navigation, Met and 'Aircraft and Engines'.
• Syllabus: DGCA CPL Syllabus as per DGCA CAR Sec 7, Ser B, Part 4.

Study material:
• Ground Studies for Pilots
• 'Oxford Aviation Academy' Books for P of F, Airframe and Systems, Powerplant (CPL level questions).
• 'Keith and Williams' Books for CPL level.
• Aviation Meteorology.
• B737NG- FCOM (vol 1 and 2).

✈ PHASE 3 

Number of candidates: 80

Description of Test: CCT (Complex Control Task)
• All candidates who pass Phase II will need to take this test.
• Duration: 10 minutes.
• Usually within a few days after Phase II.
• This module requires you to use a joystick and rudder pedal set connected to a computer.
• Result announced immediately after the test.
• First 30 candidates (merit) move to Phase 4.

Skills Tested:
• Eye-Hand-Foot Coordination.
• The ability to fly an aircraft smoothly and accurately as well as conducting other tasks.

✈  PHASE 4 

Number of candidates: 40

Psychometric Test
• First 30 Merit List candidates who pass Phase III will need to take this test.
• Duration: 45 to 90 minutes (flexible - as per candidates comfort level).
• Usually the same day/next day after Phase III.

Skills Tested: Candidates' personality and psychological suitability for the job of an Airline Pilot.

*Results will be declared the end of each phase and those who clear a particular phase only will be eligible for appearing for the next phase

Source: SpiceJet 

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