With All Our Hearts

SpiceJet's new livery in town : "With All Our Hearts" Livery 1st time in India !

Operating SG114 to Delhi with almost no load , this aircraft 'Red Chilli' got this livery just a few days back.This livery is a special addition with Spicejet being the first to have pictures of crew on a aircraft.The crew featured are Capt. K Rangarajan,Capt.Anushree Verma,and cabin crew Roshika Chhettri,Rashmani Singh,Prexa Kaushik and Lavi Chaudhary.It celebrates the frontline of SpiceJet - Its pilots and cabin crew , who serve,With all their heart.

Boeing 737-800

Image © Yatrik Sheth

Image © FoxbatOne

Have A Quick Look On It : 

Image © Spicejet

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