Air India 777 To Iraq

Air India's special flight to land in Erbil, Iraq at 8:20 pm (Loc time Iraq), Take off from Erbil, Iraq at 9:20pm and reach Kochi at around 5:30 am tomorrow morning.

On the left, you can see Air India's 77L VT-ALF on its way to Iraq to bring the Stranded Indians back to the country.

On the right, you can see a Jet Airways A330 ferrying empty from Amman, Jordan. Couldn't 9W take up the onus and volunteer to bring back the Stranded Indians since Iraq was anyways on the route for them?

But when has Jet Airways ever stood up for the country? All they know is to sell off the nation's assets to foreign players. 

Air India VT-ALF | Image Subject to Copyright

On the other hand, Air India continues to serve the nation be it the countless evacuations from the Gulf / Egypt / Lybia / Iraq or bringing back the mortal remains of Nirbhaya (from Singapore) or Sarabjeet Singh (from Pakistan).

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