Expected Schedule for PILOT JOBS in AirAsia India

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Expected Schedule for PILOT JOBS in AirAsia India;

 July 2014: AirAsia India is looking for Captains & Senior First Officers who have more than 3000Hrs experience. Who can adapt to the low cost, no entitlement culture. Please send your resumes to indiapilot@airasia.com

 October 2014: AirAsia India to Hire Airbus A320 rated Pilots with 0 (Zero) hour experience hopefully in October 2014. This one would be mostly an Ab-Initio program, because AirAsia believe "The true AirAsia pilot would be the abinitio pilot, since he will inculcate the corporate culture from day 1"

 Before December 2014: AirAsia india will be hiring CPL Holders


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