One Year Later - Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

One year ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared with 239 people on board. Nothing of substance has been seen or heard of the plane or the passengers since and now there are just three months to go before the main search operation stops.

The epic search: in numbers
The data pointed to a 60,000 square kilometre arc in the southern Indian Ocean where the wreckage of the plane is most likely to be. Teams then mapped the underwater terrain, finding mountains, cliffs and even extinct volcanoes. In October 2014, the ships set out. Since then, 140 people across four ships have been on 42-day missions out to sea, up to 2,400 kilometres from port in Australia.
Using sophisticated sonar equipment and an underwater drone, they have combed through about 40 per cent of what is known as the “high priority search area”, and are due to complete the search in May.

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