Solar Impulse 2 lands in India

Solar Impulse 2 has successfully completed the first two legs of its historic round-the-world flight. 
The plane took off from its base in Abu Dhabi a few minutes before midnight on March 8th and touched down in Muscat, Oman 10 hours later. That’s a flight of 273 miles using only the sun for power. The craft has already taken off again and is on the ground in Ahmedabad, India — 910 miles with not a drop of fossil fuels. The plane breaks it's record by crossing Arabian Sea.It is the first plane of its kind to fly in Asia.

for Plane Spotters India - Yuvraj Modi

Solar Impulse 2 is a fantastic technical achievement completely independent of the round-the-world journey. Each square meter of the plane’s carbon-fiber body weighs only 25 grams. The wings of the craft are covered in more than 17,000 tiny solar panels, each one linked to the plane’s 1,400-pound lithium-ion battery array. It stores enough power for the plane to keep running all night, but no juice is wasted on luxuries like heating the cabin. It will also save power by climbing to higher altitudes during the day and descending slowly over the course of the night.

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