Solar Impulse continues its Round-The-World Flight

Ahmedabad – March 18, 2015: Following a successful launch from Abu Dhabi (UAE) on March 10, Solar Impulse has completed its first two legs, flying to Muscat (Oman), and Ahmedabad (India). During the 7 day stay in Ahmedabad, Solar Impulse aircraft (Si2) underwent preparations for the imminent take-off toward Varanasi (India) while the Solar Impulse team engaged with communities across India to share the message of the Future Is Clean initiative.

Solar Impulse officially took-off today at 1:48 am UTC (7:18 am local time) with a delay due to last minute customs and immigration formalities with Indian authorities. Solar Impulse pilot AndrĂ© Borschberg will fly the aircraft from Ahmedabad to Varanasi, a flight anticipated to last 15 hours. Si2 will reach its highest altitude of 17,000 ft (5, 610 m) between Indore and Bhopal.The Landing in Varanasi is expected to be at 5:08 pm UTC (10:38 pm local time).
Upon landing, Bertrand Piccard will take the controls and fly to Mandalay (Myanmar) after a pit-stop of 9 hours. Solar Impulse will stay at least 2 days in Mandalay before continuing its journey to Chongqing, China, weather permitting. 

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