Worlds Best Performing Dream)liners

The national carrier of Kenya - Kenya Airways, has broken new operating efficiency ground following the ranking of its recently acquired fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts among other global airlines.

Fleet of five 787 Dreamliner planes received by early October have been performing at an operations reliability rate of 99.4% making KQ at number one among Dreamliner Airline operators in terms of scheduled interruptions.

Kenya Airways | Boeing 787 Dream)Liner | 5Y-KZA "The Great Rift Vally" - VABB/BOM Spotted By : Gufran Shaikh
Kenya Airways | Boeing 787 Dream)Liner | Spotted By : Akshay Mantri

Kenya Airways | Boeing 787 Dream)Liner | 5Y-KZB | Spotted By : Rohit Pitale

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