Mumbai - Govt Of Germany

"Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (Federal Republic of Germany) | Airbus A340-300 | 16+01 while landing at CSIA,Mumbai !

Spotted By : Janam Parikh
The Konrad Adenauer is a German aircraft used by the government for official travel and diplomatic business. It is named after German statesman Konrad Adenauer.

Spotted By : Gaushal Gandhi
The Konrad Adenauer had a white livery with the national colours of Germany (black-red-gold) around it and the words "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (Federal Republic of Germany). In April 2011 it was replaced by an Airbus A340-313 VIP which also carries the name Konrad Adenauer.

Spotted By : Gaushal Gandhi
It is capable of flying 13,500 km (8,400 mi) non-stop, with the capability of transporting 143 passengers. It has a VIP cabin configuration, with sleeping rooms and a wide variety of safety technology.

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