Two Indigo A320 near-miss over Bangladesh

2 Aug 2016 - 6:30PM IST - Two Indigo Airbus A320 - VT-IDG flying as 6E813 from Mumbai To Guwahati & VT-IDT flying To Chennai from Guwahati had a close shave after coming dangerously close to each other in Bangladesh airspace near the Rajshahi city. 

Indigo statement said, "Indigo flight 6E 813 from Guwahati to Mumbai experienced turbulence due to monsoon, this caused aircraft to climb 250-300 feet. At same instance aircraft 6E 136 was crossing 6E 813 following protocol pilot took advisory action to maintain desired separation. 4 passengers complained of giddiness and 2 cabin crew needed first aid, post turbulence."

source - flightradar24

source - flightradar24
As seen in the screenshots above flight 6E136 were cruising at 38,000ft & flight 6E813 seems to be not maintaining the 1,000ft separation - 6E813 were flying at altitude of 37,300ft or so.  

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