Rossiya - Special Flights - BRICS Summit

The president of Russia Valdimir Putin is on his visit To India for BRICS summit held in Goa on Oct 15 2016 - as spotted the rare aircraft in India such as IL96 & Tu-214.

These aircrafts are operated by the  Rossiya Airlines- Special Flight Squadron
The main presidential aircraft is the four-engined, long-range, widebody Ilyushin Il-96-300PU, a highly modified Il-96, with the two last letters standing for "Command Point" in Russian. Five modified Il-96s have been used as presidential aircraft, the first one was used by the first President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin. In 2005, the second PUM aircraft was used by President Vladimir Putin. 
Spotted By : Prashob Chandran - VABB/BOM
As spotted in above photo taken at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai - VABB/BOM; Ilyushin Il-96-300PU carrying President of Russia Vladimir Putin for BRICS Summit in Goa; diverted to Mumbai due to bad weather in Goa yesterday as seen in image "Follow Me" vehicle is used to navigate the guest to runway.

Spotted By : Pratik Kulkarni - VABB/BOM
Spotted By : JetMans - VABB/BOM

Spotted By : Karthik Kumar
The Tupolev Tu-214 | RA-64504 as spotted while resting on the ramp of Bengaluru International Airport - VOBL/BLR on the night of 16th Oct by Karthik Kumar. 

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