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"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year"

2016 : Despite a series of high-profile crashes, this was actually one of the safest years to fly.

The memory of the Colombia plane crash that claimed 71 lives, including most of a Brazilian soccer team, is still fresh in our minds—enough that to say this year was one of the safest in modern aviation history almost seems gaudy. But the numbers don't lie: According to the Aviation Safety Network, a crash-data website funded by the Flight Safety Foundation (an international and independent nonprofit organization that tracks crash data), 18 civilian airplane accidents accounted for 320 deaths worldwide in 2016. The only year with fewer deaths was 2013, as The Telegraph reported

Air India | Boeing 777-300ER | VT-ALJ named "Bihar" In STAR ALLIANCE special livery as spotted at Mumbai by Devendra Kulkarni
Global air travel continues to get safer, in part thanks to tech upgrades to airplanes, better safety procedures, and increased collaboration among nations to improve aviation infrastructure in developing countries.

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