Diamond Da42 - VT-NFM crash

A Diamond Da42 aircraft registered as VT-NFM of National Flight Training Institute situated at Birsi Airport, Gondia crashed today morning while on a routine sortie. The plane crashed in Vainganga River at Mahalgao-Deori in Gondia district of Vidarbha, Maharashtra.

The instructor and the trainee pilot of the aircraft DA42 were killed in the crash.

The aircraft involved in this accident is twin engine, propeller-driven airplane developed manufactured by Austrian company Diamond Aircraft which is commonly used for training with top speed of 356 km/h & range of 1,693 km it is favourite among pilots.

VT-NFM - was registered in India on 29 July 2010 as per DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) record.

It is said that the aircraft has hit the powerline while flying low over the area. As the information is coming in. While looking at pictures it is observed that aircraft was low flying as the impact took place. 

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Image : Internet 

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