Our nations pride in danger

HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum : Our nation's pride in danger

Recently our spotter friend Yash Patil brought this to our noticed about his observation from his recent museum visit. The HAL Aerospace Museum is India's first aerospace museum located at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited premises, in Bangalore.

Image : Karthik Kumar

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who served India. 

Here is what Yash Patil says, 

         I had been to the HAL Aeronautic Museum with my family today here in Bangalore. Being a weekend, I saw other families who had come with their kids and people there. It was sad to see that the other families were encouraging their kids to sit and stand on the aircraft wings on the pretext of getting a few pictures clicked. We told a few to step off the wings and they did step off, only to return to the act on another aircraft. Also, the kids and other older people there were fooling around with the propellors and other parts of the aircrafts on display by moving them vigorously.

I just don't seem to understand that why the people of our country do not seem to respect something that has been the pride of our country? There is so much research and hard work put into building these beautiful machines by the people of HAL. These machines and the people behind them have been fundamental in the protection of our country since a long time. 

Image : Karthik Kumar

I would request people who are reading this to share this post as much as possible on various social media platforms so that the concerned people are aware of how "our citizens" are treating our pride.

Jai Hind!

- Yash Patil

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