1st ATR 72-600 - VT-IYA of Indigo

It has been a month to forget for IndiGo, India’s biggest airline. It faced criticism on Twitter from one of India’s biggest sporting stars (badminton maestro P. V. Sindhu), a video showing employees manhandling a passenger went viral, prompting liberal use of the hashtag #boycottIndiGo on Twitter, and it was accused of negligence after a passenger fell from her wheelchair while being assisted at Lucknow Airport.

To cap it all off, a flight from Visakhapatnam was delayed for three hours last week after it struck a wild boar during take-off, while a Doha-bound service was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines ingested a bird.

Collisions with animals can hardly be blamed on the airline, but the other incidents, which certainly can, have already had a negative impact on the carrier – IndiGo’s share price tumbled from 1,255 rupees on November 3 to 1,166 at the weekend.

Despite that it has continued to expand their network by adding ATR 72-600 aircraft to their fleet for regional connectivity where Airbus A320 operations are limited, ATR will bring smaller airports to its network which will also help boosting India's air travel as IndiGo is one of the largest airline in India.

As Spotted in the picture - their first ATR 72-600 registered as VT-IYA resting on the ramp of Indira Gandhi Int'l Airport, New Delhi - VIDP/DEL after taking its delivery earlier this week. 

Spotted By : Shamal E 

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